Shahi Nihari
Pakistani Food

Delicious and Exquisite Flavor of Shahi Nihari

Nihari is a delicious dish. It is cooked on medium fire. Wheat (atta) and Pakistani spices enhance its taste. In Pakistan, People usually make nihari from beef, but some people can’t eat red meat. Chicken nihari is the best option for them. Nihari word comes from” nahar,” which means day or morning. If you look back in history, Mughal Nawabs of old Delhi ate this and gave it to their worker who remained active all day. There are many varieties of nihari, such as chicken nihari, shahi nihari, beef nihari, and beef nali nihari.

Key Ingredients

1. Sonth (ginger powder)

Sonth (ginger powder): Even though ginger powder isn’t used in many dishes, it’s a must-have for Nihari!

2. Peepli (long pepper)

Peepli gives the Nihari a unique hotness. It is an essential ingredient. Without Peepli, there isn’t authentic Nihari.

3. Mace (Javitri) and Netmug (Jifael)

They both give that unique taste kick to the Nihari. These ingredients are cornerstones of this generations-passed Shahi Nihari recipe. Even if you choose to follow a different Nihari recipe (though after tasting this, you won’t need to!), I encourage you to ensure the recipe includes all these irreplaceable ingredients.

Shahi Nihari

What is Shahi Nihari made of?

Mace- Javitri


Nutmeg- Jaefil


Black Cardamom


Green Cardamom




Cumin Seeds


Caraway seeds- Shahi Zeera


Bay Leaves


Black peppercorns


Fennel Seeds – Sauf


Long-dried red pepper


Red chili powder




Turmeric powder


Dried ginger powder  Sonth

Cinnamon Stick


Which beef cut is used for Shahi Nihari?

Beef shank is very tender and allows for the quintessential Raysha—strands of meat must be found for a genuinely authentic Nihari.

Tips for making the perfect Shahi Nihari

Even though every ingredient in this recipe is essential. It is known as Pakistani Food.

1. Always boil the water in the Instant Pot before adding the meat when making Nihari. It will help get rid of the smell of the beef.

2. Don’t throw away. Don’t water in the Instant Pot; you will get the exact water when adding the atta.

3. Crush the peepli before adding it to your Nihari.

4. After adding the atta, bring everything to a boil, or your Nihari will taste raw. 

5. Use a hand blender to smooth the atta mixture. Blend it until smooth; there shouldn’t be shouldn’t

6. Never add coriander powder to the Nihari.

Shahi Nihari

How to make Shahi Nihari at home?

1. Boil the water, add ginger garlic paste to Nihari masala, and shank and pressure it.

2. Now, in a mortar & pestle, add long pepper (Peppli)

3. In a pot, heat oil, then add the black peppercorns, green cardamom, and cloves.

4. Add onion and saute it until brown.

5. Add ginger garlic paste and mix well.

6. Add only the beef shank from the instant pot.

7. Add Nihari Masala and red chilli powder.

8. Add the atta to the instant pot which had the stock.

9. Add the stock atta mixture from the instant pot to the pot with the Nihari.

10. Add Peppli to the Nihari and mix well.

11. Now prepare the tempering by heating the oil and browning the onion with melted butter.

12. Add the tempering mixture to the Nihari.1

13. Also, add Garam Masala Powder.

14. Topped with garnish.


Nihari is among the Pakistani dishes that are served and are liked at family gatherings or events. They are either prepared at home using their nihari masala mix or the most commonly used Nihari Masala Mix or ordered from the best restaurants in Lahore for home delivery. Nowadays, many Americans eat this eagerly.

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